Headtaker (Warhammer Novels), by David Guymer

Download Headtaker (Warhammer Novels), by David Guymer

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Headtaker (Warhammer Novels), by David Guymer

Headtaker (Warhammer Novels), by David Guymer

Headtaker (Warhammer Novels), by David Guymer

Download Headtaker (Warhammer Novels), by David Guymer

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Headtaker (Warhammer Novels), by David Guymer

A vicious scourge emerges to claim the Old World

Warlord Queek Headtaker is unlike other skaven, a fearless warrior, a general who leads from the front and the grim victor of many great battles. When King Kazador begins to gather an army at Karak Azul it falls to Queek to lead a surprise attack on the hold, but even one as cunning as he cannot resist the chance to face such a renowned hero of the dwarfs in single combat. With old enemies moving against him on both sides of the conflict, he musters his stormvermin for war…

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  • Published on: 2013-06-11
  • Released on: 2013-06-11
  • Original language: English
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  • Dimensions: 7.80″ h x 1.10″ w x 5.10″ l, .63 pounds
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About the Author
David Guymer is no stranger to the worlds of Warhammer, with exciting stories in Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology and the metaphorical pages of Hammer and Bolter magazine. He is a freelance writer and occasional scientist based in the East Riding, a place whose name alone conjures images of galloping lancers and rampaging hordes – although, to the region’s great loss, the only orcs tend to be imaginary. When not writing, David can be found exorcising his disappointment at the gaming table and preparing for the ascension of the children of the Horned Rat. Or the zombie apocalypse, if that happens first.

Most helpful customer reviews

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
Enjoyable read
By George N. Appenzeller
I don’t have a lot of experience with Skaven, nor read a lot of Warhammer Fantasy books, but I found this interesting and engaging. I found that it played to queek’s character well. I enjoyed the views from multiple characters, both those in reality and those in queeks head. I won’t say more due to spoilers.

I did not find it difficult to follow, though I agree with below that occasionally, the skaven-speak could get a bit annoying, but it stayed in character and was full of fighting, blood, gore and lots and lots of skavenesque backstabbing. The most fun of the book was following all the different schemes, plots and betrayals.

In general, the book did a good job of keeping me wanting to know what happens next, and for a fantasy, joy read, what more do you really want?

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
Loved Headtaker
By A Fenton
I loved Headtaker; I found the raw violence and chaos entwined with a twist of dark humour to be an excellent read.

As a long-distance admirer of the Horned Rat I found all the Skaven in the book to be both believable and charming. All (importantly!) complete with their own massive character flaws which simultaneously makes them endearing and truly nasty.

The Headtaker has been long overdue his time in the spotlight, and this book does both his battle prowess and `unique’ character full credit! His `voices’ and massive tactical `errors’ make this book a great read, as you simply have no clue of what will emerge from the swirls of his madness.

I would recommend this book it to anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the Warhammer universe and want to get to know the twisted character in the Headtaker that is truly unique and interesting.

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Most excellent and nuanced portrayal of the Skaven.
By Alan
A delightful read for a fan of classic Warhammer. It portrays skaven of all stripes, from the dogmatic to the pragmatic to the utterly insane. The skaven characters on display here are much more varied and nuanced than in any other portrayal, easily equaling C.L. Werner’s cast of Underfolk in his Time of Legends: Black Plague series. Each of the main characters, Rezzit, Ska, and the titular Queek, have their own unique perspectives on Skavendom and their own quirks (and neuroses) that motivate them. However, the gold star has to be handed to Sharpwit, whose unique perspective adds much-needed mental and emotional depth to the normally cartoonish race.

The dwarves in this tale don’t get short shrift either. Their culture is presented much more thoroughly and colorfully than is typical in Warhammer. Even if they cleave to their stereotypes, they manage to resonate as unique characters with a range of motivations, struggling with obligations of honor, duty, and tradition pitted against pragmatism, desperation, grief, and outrage.

I’ll really miss the Warhammer world of old, but it left at least a few great stories behind.

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Headtaker (Warhammer Novels), by David Guymer PDF

Headtaker (Warhammer Novels), by David Guymer PDF

Headtaker (Warhammer Novels), by David Guymer PDF
Headtaker (Warhammer Novels), by David Guymer PDF

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