Pro WF 4.5, by Bayer White

PDF Ebook Pro WF 4.5, by Bayer White

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Pro WF 4.5, by Bayer White

Pro WF 4.5, by Bayer White

Pro WF 4.5, by Bayer White

PDF Ebook Pro WF 4.5, by Bayer White

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Pro WF 4.5, by Bayer White

In Pro WF 4.5, you’ll find the insight and direction for understanding how to build workflows using WF 4.5 and host them as long-running services using Microsoft’s Windows Server, for on-premises work, and Azure AppFabric, for hosting workflows in the cloud.

With the concept of cloud computing using Windows Azure and the maturity of Windows Server technology, workflow services can be hosted with first-class service monitoring with less overhead from a developer’s perspective. Building workflows in a declarative fashion, and hosting them as services, is a natural way for building business logic that is tiered away from running applications that subscribe to them, therefore providing flexibility for when business processes change.

In Pro WF 4.5, author Bayer White walks you, as the developer, through the steps and explains the concepts of declaratively modeling domain specific business processes that can be hosted and exposed as services, either on premise or as cloud services within Windows Azure.

  • Gives you a practical knowledge of WF 4.5, Windows Server and Azure AppFabric.
  • Builds a foundation for building workflows that can be exposed on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Shows how to use the tools available for managing workflow services.

    • Sales Rank: #970435 in Books
    • Brand: Brand: Apress
    • Published on: 2012-12-18
    • Released on: 2012-12-19
    • Original language: English
    • Number of items: 1
    • Dimensions: 9.25″ h x 1.46″ w x 7.50″ l, 2.50 pounds
    • Binding: Paperback
    • 652 pages


    • Used Book in Good Condition

    Most helpful customer reviews

    20 of 24 people found the following review helpful.
    Very disappointed – Editors should be fired.
    By JRockFL
    The .NET Workflow framework is ideal for a niche market and is not for everyone. Consequently, a lot of the documentation for it on the web and in publications has been poor. This is a rather unfortunate thing because when used for the right reasons, .NET Workflows can do wonders! In my workplace we use it for sophisticated approval processes with business rules that are often subject to change.

    In the book’s introduction, the author writes:

    “I have taken pains to make sure that this book does not leave WF beginners in the dark, while showing experienced developers how to use its very latest features to accomplish practical tasks.”

    Upon reading that statement and some excellent samples from the first few chapters, I bought this with hopes that it would be the definitive book on workflows. For the most part, Mr. White does an okay job explaining the basic of Workflows. White’s chapter on State Machines is superbly done. However, once you reach the more advanced concepts starting with Chapter 6 and beyond, things begin to fall apart. I was especially disappointed in the topics on Persistence, Tracking, and custom designing your WF activities using WPF.

    In some chapters, the book assumes an advanced knowledge of .NET topics. For example, an early chapter on Flowchart workflows uses Entity Framework quite heavily. I honestly feel that introducing other advanced .NET topics, especially without a thorough explanation about them, is a distraction to the topic at hand and is poor practice. Another case is where White uses WCF activities in basic examples to explain topics like versioning and persistence. Mind you, WCF activities are not even discussed until near the end of the book! White makes a habit of not explaining why and how we implement these features properly. I did take initiative to download the sample code from the publisher site to see if I could get a clear understand of what White’s intentions were. However, upon looking, I noticed that code for chapters were miscategorized. For instance, Chapter 6’s code is in the Chapter 5 subfolder! Chapter 9’s subfolder has NO code samples! Really? How could something this simple be botched?

    Then finally there are the step-by-step how-to guides in the book that you’re supposed to follow along and copy. One of the most frustrating things I’ve encountered is how variables and arguments are declared but are then used in later steps UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME!!! It’s as if the author decided to rename them at the last minute but forgot to go back and update the original name from early steps! This issue doesn’t happen once, it happens quite often. There are also key steps that have been omitted that leave you puzzled when you attempt to run the code and it fails.

    I in no way doubt Mr. White’s knowledge in workflows and .NET. He is a well respected figure within the IT community here in Northeast Florida. However, his book is very…very…very poorly edited and it fails to deliver. I can understand the occasional mistake in a technical book but this is INEXCUSABLE. Frankly speaking, if I had written a publication like this back in college or high-school, I would have had the book thrown back at me with a zero.

    In the end, I cannot fathom how this print got past the Apress editors. It feels like it was written hastily just to be the first WF 4.5 book on the market. I have both the physical and digital editions of this book. The book was clearly intended for digital reading since the physical version is of poor binding and the blurry illustrations are hard to decipher.

    If you are new to Workflows, I recommend reading Bruce Bukovic’s book on WF 4 also from Apress. That book has a few flaws too and there are some significant changes to workflows between version 4 and 4.5. However, Bukovic’s book is good enough to get the ball rolling.

    6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
    Pass this one by
    By Tom Costanza
    The content is pretty good, but the editing is non-existent. I’m up to chapter 4 and there’s almost an error on every other page. The exercises don’t work because the code has mistakes. If you download the exercises, the downloaded code isn’t even close to the code in the book. I am especially disappointed, since this seems, currently, to be the only book on WF 4.5.

    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
    A good reference but too many errors
    By ThomasWeiss
    This book is probably the best reference available on the subject – well, there aren’t that many books on WF anyway – but it’s kind of obvious that it has not been correctly reviewed before publication:
    – flagrant errors in code snippets,
    – mismatches between figures and corresponding text,
    – some poor turns of phrase.
    It’s also unfortunate that the author sometimes explains some aspects related WF 3.x and concludes by saying this is obsolete starting from WF4!
    Still, it provides serious material for anyone willing to learn WF.

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    Pro WF 4.5, by Bayer White PDF

    Pro WF 4.5, by Bayer White PDF

    Pro WF 4.5, by Bayer White PDF
    Pro WF 4.5, by Bayer White PDF

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