The Odyssey, by Gareth Hinds

Ebook Free The Odyssey, by Gareth Hinds

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The Odyssey, by Gareth Hinds

The Odyssey, by Gareth Hinds

The Odyssey, by Gareth Hinds

Ebook Free The Odyssey, by Gareth Hinds

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The Odyssey, by Gareth Hinds

With bold imagery and an ear tuned to the music of Homer’s epic poem, Gareth Hinds reinterprets the ancient classic as it’s never been told before.

“Gareth Hinds brings THE ODYSSEY to life in a masterful blend of art and storytelling. Vivid and exciting, this graphic novel is a worthy new interpretation of Homer’s epic.”
—Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series

Fresh from his triumphs in the Trojan War, Odysseus, King of Ithaca, wants nothing more than to return home to his family. Instead, he offends the sea god, Poseidon, who dooms him to years of shipwreck and wandering. Battling man-eating monsters, violent storms, and the supernatural seductions of sirens and sorceresses, Odysseus will need all his strength and cunning—and a little help from Mount Olympus—to make his way home and seize his kingdom from the schemers who seek to wed his queen and usurp his throne. Award-winning graphic artist Gareth Hinds masterfully reinterprets a story of heroism, adventure, and high action that has been told and retold for more than 2,500 years—though never quite like this.

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From School Library Journal
Gr 7 Up–Taking a world-famous epic poem and adapting it into a graphic-novel format for modern readers is certainly an enormous endeavor. But since Hinds already performed the same feat quite admirably with Beowulf (Candlewick, 2007) he has proven himself more than capable of the task. To sum up the classic story: Odysseus tries to get home after the Trojan War, but many obstacles are thrown in his way, and many people, creatures, and gods try to stop him. His men are loyal on the one hand, yet bad at following critical orders on the other, which results in even more delays. Meanwhile, his faithful wife Penelope waits for him while fending off scores of impatient suitors. Luckily for Odysseus, he does have a few supporters, including the goddess Athena. Hinds’s beautiful watercolors skillfully capture the rosy-fingered dawn, the wine-dark sea, the land of the dead, and many other settings and characters that will inspire readers. This adaptation goes far above and beyond the “highlights” coverage that other versions such as Tim Mucci’s The Odyssey (Sterling, 2010) provide. Hinds’s work will be a welcome addition for fans of Homer’s original work and for newcomers to this classic story.–Andrea Lipinski, New York Public Libraryα(c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

From Booklist
*Starred Review* As the proliferation of recent Odyssey graphic novelizations approaches the record held by Shakespeare adaptations, it is perhaps appropriate that Hinds, the Bard’s premiere sequential adapter, should produce the most lavish retelling of Homer yet. Showing great artistic evolution since his rough-and-tumble Beowulf (2007), Hinds lets the epic story take its time, with a slow build and pages that aren’t afraid to alternate packed dialogue with titanic action. The sumptuous art, produced with grain, texture, and hue, evokes a time long past while detailing every line and drop of sweat on Odysseus’ face and conveying the sheer grandeur of seeing a god rise out of the ocean. Teens may be baffled by the hero’s commitment to the same pantheon of gods who heap trouble in his path, but they will not lose touch with the universal qualities of steadfastness that Odysseus still embodies. The mythic trials have seldom felt more grueling or genuine, and this makes a perfect pairing with Tim Mucci and Ben Caldwell’s adaptation for a slightly younger audience from the All-Action Classics series, affording a chance to see how an archetypal story can function so powerfully at both the realistic and the stylized ends of the artistic spectrum. A grand example of Hinds’ ability to combine historical adventure with human understanding. Grades 7-12. –Jesse Karp

A timeless long-ago past comes alive in these images of gods and heroes, monsters and enchantresses; of mayhem, lovemaking, and touching reunions-all arrayed in frames whose shape, number, and palette expertly pace and propel the story. As introduction, outline, illustration, and visual translation, a worthy companion to its great predecessors. –The Horn Book (Starred Review), November 1, 2010

Holds nothing back and is proudly, grittily realistic rather than cheerfully cartoonish… Big, bold, beautiful. –Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review), October 1, 2010

Does genuine justice to Homer’s epic poem…Thrilling. –The Wall Street Journal, October 23, 2101

… with this graphic-novel interpretation Hinds will hook some of those holdouts who have thus far resisted The Odyssey’s lure. …the depth of the dialogue, the outstanding individuation of characters, and the patient and lovingly developed flow between frames often in wordless stretches make the work accessible. Hinds’ delicate pencil lines and softly blended watercolors coax an amazing variety of moods and settings from the sandy beiges and sea blues dictated by the Mediterranean milieu. Monstrous encounters and the suitor slaughter are satisfyingly sanguinary, and although Odysseus’ dalliances are perhaps less discreetly presented than some middle-school collections will permit, librarians who subscribe to the “They’ve seen worse in the movies” school of thought will happily extend this to a junior-high audience. –Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (Starred Recommended, Gr. 9-12), January 2011

Does genuine justice to Homer’s epic poem…Thrilling. –The Wall Street Journal, October 23, 2101

Most helpful customer reviews

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Sail once again on the “wine dark sea”
By Frank J. Konopka
I have always enjoyed reading the classic books and other epics from the distant past, and the works of Homer are no exception. I’ve read both “The Odyssey” and “The Iliad” in various translations, both prose and poetry, and found them fascinating works of literature. When I saw that there was a graphic novel version of the “Odyssey” I just had to buy it, and I am very happy that I did.

The artwork is superb and the story line is essentially faithful to Homer, but put into words and phrases that all can understand. When I read the inside and back covers of this work I discovered that the publishers saw this as reading for teens and young adults. I’m far from those ages (at 64), but still have that fascination with a classic tale well told as is this one.

Its been many years since I’ve read the full story, but this book is quite an excellent refresher course in early Greek epic poetry. The artist takes no overt liberties with the tale; he treats it with respect and that respect comes through on every page. I fully intend to present this book to my 14 ½ year old granddaughter for her to read and enjoy, for she has inherited both her grandfather’s and father’s love of reading. I sincerely hope she enjoys it as much as I have.

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Even ancient civilizations had Super Heroes
By Whistlers Mom
I swear by Zeus’ beard, if old Homer had hired a good illustrator, he’d probably still be on the NYTimes Best Sellers List.

A young friend requested this. I’m proud of her for starting her summer reading in the middle of June. The local stores are sold out, so students (or their helicopter parents) seem to be behaving very responsibly. No Kindle version, so I bought the paperback for $11.84+tax and two days later it’s up to $12.18. Better grab one before you have to take out a second mortgage. They seem to be flying off the shelves and you know what that does to prices.

I was inclined to take a lofty attitude toward the presentation of an ancient masterpiece in modern prose and “graphic novel” (i.e. more pictures than text) style. When I was in school, we studied translations of the original version with maybe a picture or two thrown in. Must we “dumb-down” EVERYTHING?

However, I started reading it and kept on until I finished several hours later and I’m impressed. The writing is formal enough to give a flavor of by-gone times (at no point does Zeus say “Yo, Mama!” to Hera) but simple enough to be understood by a student who hasn’t read widely, which is most of them. The reader will emerge with some knowledge of Ancient Greece and become familiar with the plot and characters in this timeless story of tragedy and strength.

The illustrations are fabulous. Everyone has weirdly long fingers. Zeus’ tunic is barely long enough to meet decency laws. Hera has a formidable nose and chin, but her figure is darned good for a gal with grown kids. The mortals are wrestling and throwing javelins – probably getting ready to compete in the original Olympics. It would be historically accurate to show them naked, but maybe too racy for school reading. I LOVE the pissed-off guy who’s cracking his knuckles. They’re always either at war or getting ready to go to war or talking about who came home from the last war and who didn’t. Things don’t change much, do they?

If I were the author, I would have a brief introduction setting the stage and listing the major players and I would have footnotes explaining a few of the stranger words. Who knows what “hecatombs” are? Even I found the first few pages confusing and I know the story. I think Zeus’ daughter who prodded him into helping Odysseus should be identified. And I think I would have drawn that picture to make it clear that the Big Man is drinking wine from a small cup instead of polishing off an ice cream cone.

But these are quibbles and I enjoyed it enormously. The author’s love of ancient Greek civilization and mythology shines through and he sweeps the reader along with his enthusiasm. It’s a fine way to learn a classic tale that’s frequently referenced in modern literature. It will be interesting to see if the student’s opinions jive with mine.

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The whole kit and kaboodle…..
By Sylvia Angel
Nice read! Greek at its finest hour.

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The Odyssey, by Gareth Hinds PDF

The Odyssey, by Gareth Hinds PDF

The Odyssey, by Gareth Hinds PDF
The Odyssey, by Gareth Hinds PDF

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