What is DevOps?, by Mike Loukides

PDF Ebook What is DevOps?, by Mike Loukides

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What is DevOps?, by Mike Loukides

What is DevOps?, by Mike Loukides

What is DevOps?, by Mike Loukides

PDF Ebook What is DevOps?, by Mike Loukides

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What is DevOps?, by Mike Loukides

Have we entered the age of NoOps infrastructures? Hardly. Old-style system administrators may be disappearing in the face of automation and cloud computing, but operations have become more significant than ever. As this O’Reilly Radar Report explains, we’re moving into a more complex arrangement known as “DevOps.”

Mike Loukides, O’Reilly’s VP of Content Strategy, provides an incisive look into this new world of operations, where IT specialists are becoming part of the development team. In an environment with thousands of servers, these specialists now write the code that maintains the infrastructure. Even applications that run in the cloud have to be resilient and fault tolerant, need to be monitored, and must adjust to huge swings in load. That was underscored by Amazon’s EBS outage last year.

From the discussions at O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference, it’s evident that many operations specialists are quickly adapting to the DevOps reality. But as a whole, the industry has just scratched the surface. This report tells you why.

  • Published on: 2012-06-11
  • Released on: 2012-06-11
  • Format: Kindle eBook

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Short history book
By montes
It’s a brief introduction into the development of devops and a lot of complaining as to why people who are exploring or aren’t exploring devops are dumb.

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Should have been titled “Why is DevOps?”
By Magnus
One of the negative reviews did have a good point, that this essay comes off as a bit of a rant. But then why shouldn’t it? Dealing with IT Operations, historically speaking, is usually a pain in the SCSI port. The real value being provided here isn’t so much in telling you what DevOps is (which, to be honest, the subject is almost glossed over and only the main talking points are mentioned). No, the value is in telling you *why* DevOps was an inevitability, what purpose it serves today and what it is fixing.

If you read this and find yourself nodding your head, commiserating with the pain described by the author, maybe your shop is a candidate for a DevOps cultural transformation. And really, that’s what it is, a cultural transformation. The technology is all for naught without it.

I’m reading this from the perspective of an operations team leader, and of someone successfully affecting a DevOps business transformation in a software development shop.

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Beginning to think about and understand what DevOps actually means…
By Thomas Duff
O’Reilly produces some useful (and short) ebook reports that help clarify and educate those of us in the tech industry. I just finished What is DevOps? – Infrastructure as Code by Mike Loukides, and it fits squarely in that “short ebook” category. In fact, you could make the argument that this is really a long blog post instead of an ebook, since it’s only around 16 pages. But when the price is free, why quibble over semantics?

Loukides makes the argument that the NoOps movement is a misnomer. The function of Operations in a company such as Netflix or Amazon still continues to exist regardless of what might be inferred otherwise. The more relevant question is centered around what Operations actually means in the current technology state. Loukides states that the Operations team and the Development team become more closely allied, so that applications can take full advantage of PaaS (Platform as a Service). This adds redundancy and resiliency as core elements of an application, as opposed to just tossing the application over the fence for someone else to worry about if something goes wrong.

What Is DevOps? is by no means an exhaustive examination of the DevOps topic. At 16 pages, it’s barely enough to get started. However, it *is* enough to get you thinking in the right direction, and provides the start of a framework for you to “know what you don’t know”. It’s worth the few minutes (and no cost) to download and read.

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What is DevOps?, by Mike Loukides PDF

What is DevOps?, by Mike Loukides PDF

What is DevOps?, by Mike Loukides PDF
What is DevOps?, by Mike Loukides PDF

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